7 Things to Do Immediately about Email Spam

The various media sites, blogs, and organizations that you give your email address, often use it in ways that you would not want. This often leads to irritating spams.Many people deal with the issue of maddening spams on daily basis, here are 5 things to do immediately about email spam

1. Own an Impermanent Email Address

In other words, such email addresses are called disposable, alias or fake addresses. This is one of the processes that you can take to stop spams in your inbox. Disposable email addresses will help you: get free emails for a limited amount of time. This is most helpful when you are clicking a site’s link for confirmation or verification since you will not have to return to the disposable email address again.

2. Ensure You Encrypt Your Current Email Address

There are websites specifically designed to help you protect your email privacy. The websites have tools that will offer security enhancements and also help you encrypt your current email address. However, you will need an IT expert to help you choose the right site and through the entire process.

3. Use a Safe Email Provider

There are a number of email providers who have models for providing high-level security at a nominal fee or for free. You could use the Unspyable website for a secure VPN. This is for cases of internet browsing also, Shazzle offers free email protection for your smartphone or tablet.

4. Unsubscribe

As much as this option seems tedious, it is a good way to stop receiving spams in your email address. Most of the marketing emails that you might receive, always have an unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email. Once you click the Unsubscribe option you will be redirected to an external website that lets you unsubscribe from receiving any further emails from a particular sender. Make sure that in the very end, you are removed from the subscriber’s list in the particular site.

This option is always one of the simplest and effective ways of cutting down the daily spam count in your inbox.

5. Keep Your Favourite Inbox and Filter Out Your Spam

If you are one of the email address users that does not like having a crowded inbox then you can create a variety of filters to put specific emails into different inboxes. This technique might not only be effective for keeping the spams but also tracking the important emails. You can create your filters by locating the email client’s settings menu then create a filter that suits your needs. This could be based on addresses, groups of people, specific words and any other criteria.

6. Hide Your Email Address from People

The more you give out your email address the more spams you are likely to get. Ensure that only a few people have it. Do not use it in any random site unless you absolutely have to. You can use a disposable email address if you do not trust the site.

7. Adjust to a new email address

This might seem like a very radical option but if you have not hidden your address or have responded to any spams before, it might be your best option. You will definitely have to inform your authentic contacts about the change. Ensure that you keep both addresses for a few months to avoid any communication inconveniences. However, once you get rid of your old email address, your spam count should plunge.

Final Thoughts

We spoke to a data recovery company in Orlando Florida, they told us they are using a Barracuda Email spam filter. Regardless if you can purchase an appliance, or have to maintain with less sophisticated solutions, your emails are very important and keeping yourself safe from spammers is the most convenient way to be safe online. As a rule of thumb, always check your email subscriptions and ensure that you have not opened any spam email that may lead to phishing. In cases you notice something fishy with your email account,report the matter immediately.